Time’s Up!

I am very particular about time. My office visits start and end with near certainty on time, which isn’t common in my profession in this area. You might say I take pride in my punctuality. I even have a radio controlled wall clock, since it has always bothered me that different clocks in our office could be several minutes apart.

One day last week I noticed around four o’clock that my wrist watch ran late. I suspected correctly that the battery was giving out; the next morning my watch stood still.

I have three wristwatches. My everyday watch is made of a dull metal, aptly named Skagen Titanium. For more formal occasions I have a thin, Swiss watch with a black leather band. I also have a rectangular Skagen with a brown watch band for variety and matching brown shoes and belt.

My fancy watch had not been used for a while and also turned out to have stopped. Thus I picked brown clothes and the rectangular watch. Some upcoming Saturday I thought I’d take a trip in to town for two new watch batteries, but today I worked. We are open 8 – 12 on Saturdays. This afternoon I did chores around the house, and I marveled at my efficiency; I got so much done in just a couple of hours.

Then I realized suddenly that it had been three-thirty an awfully long time. Sure enough – my third wristwatch had also stopped! So Monday morning I’ll be going to work without a watch for the first time in my life.





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